Today’s generation visits many different blogs and sites every day which they read and scan in a very passive way. But at the end of the day, people only remember the sites which have beautiful videos and photos. This is because images create some special emotions in humans.

If you are an Instagrammer and wish to gain a massive number of followers to your account, then it is really very important to generate and share as much as information as possible in an interesting way, before your users lose attention in you.

You might think, How exactly? What’s the Solution?

Here’s the solution…

Cinemagraph – Supernatural Pictures Or Videos.

Cinemagraph is a solution as it is a still picture with some part moving. Basically, this is an exceptionally short video document with a nearly immobilized picture designed in a manner where first as well as the last frame are same, consequently making a perpetual motion.

A couple of days back, we had to pick one among videos or photos to gain a good number of Instagram followers. But now, you can consolidate these two files and turn it into a totally new document type called Cinemagraph. Cinemagraphs are very exquisite and subtly draw viewers into magic. Undoubtedly, Cinemagraphs pull in a lot of users with their specialness.

Why Share Cinemagraphs On Your Insta-feed?

It’s a well-known fact that Instagram is an amazing asset for advancing your image or individual blog. One of the best and the easiest way to comprehend what is fashionable, significant, and intriguing is by checking out the most popular Instagram profiles in your niche. When you do this, you are more likely to observe growing trends: Cinemagraphs.

In contrast to common pictures or videos, Cinemagraphs look exceptionally outstanding, and extraordinary compared to the static pictures. With a large number of lovely photographs, attractive videos, interesting grids, it has become really hard to stand out on Instagram. If you are also facing the same issue, then Cinemagraphs are still new, uncommon, and peculiar on this platform. This is your opportunity to excel!

How Exactly Cinemagraphs Work On Your Feed?

When Instagram users scroll down their feed and come across your picture. They would see videos would play automatically and would work unendingly. Thus, this cinematography provides a huge fateful opening to gain attention.

How To Personalize Your Cinemagraph?

There are some situations when you have to add some additional oomph to your declarations, photographs, or product ads. You might have utilized .psd formats in which there is an art board with some smart objects where you can just embed your plan, subsequently making the photograph progressively closer. But, what when it comes to cinemagraphs? How would we customize them when they’re both photo and video at the same time? You might think it’s troublesome, but don’t worry as I’m here to demonstrate to you that it isn’t!

You can customize a cinemagraph simply like a static picture. You don’t have to search for complex video editors, the one and only thing which you need is Photoshop. And the best part is, you don’t even have to be an expert photoshop editor. Simply need to follow the special instructions and can personalize the Cinemagraphs into the personal one.  

Cinemagraph exactly has similar features as pictures but technologically it is an MP4 video file. However, you will find many features, like, text layers, filters, smart objects and many more using which you can easily customize the image templates.

How To Upload Cinemagraphs To Instagram?

Cinemagraphs are very small files, which can be uploaded very easily. As I mentioned earlier, Cinemagraphs are not basically GIF files but are short MP4 videos. There are many ways to upload these short video files on Instagram, out which some of them are:

First Method is Dropbox

Dropbox can be used on the phone as well as desktop. As all the DB files can be synced with one other on the computer, therefore, it easily helps in downloading mobile phones. Simply select a file on the computer, move it into the synced DropBox, then open the app in your phone and save the file from there directly in your gallery. Then easily share it Instagram from there.

Second Method is Email

Send the file to your own mail. As our mail app is also installed on our phone. Therefore, simply go to the inbox and download the file to the gallery and then upload it from there.

Third and the easiest Method are the Desktop services for Scheduling posts

There are various Instagram schedulers available, out of which SM Automated is one of the best proven Instagram marketing tools, using which you can easily automate and schedule your posts and manage your accounts all in one place. Using this tool, you just have to upload the file as usual and your cinemagraphs can be directly shared on Instagram.