With 1 billion users on Instagram, it has become one of the hottest social media platform today. Everyone here wants #Instafame and to get it is not at all easy. One has to earn a strong following base and must have an account that acts like a magnet. But the question here is – How is it possible? How you can have a large following on your Instagram?

In this blog post we are going to share you 07 super tips that will help you gain a huge following this year. So what to wait for? Let’s get started –


If you want more followers then you have to provide users with more content to browse through. Research suggests that posting twice a day instead of just once can help you increase your brand reach, level up your number of post shares, and bring in more followers.

As we know that every audience is different, you need to be little experimenting and should analyse the frequency of posting that entices and delight your viewers. Start by sharing something new once a day then gradually work your way up, tracking the level of engagement you get for each post. If your engagement levels start to drop off after a certain point, you’ve found your magic number.


If you want to get in reach with new followers and that too quickly then Instagram Ads is the best way to  follow. This will only happen when you put up your content in front of the right people at the right time. Big thanks to Instagram’s incredible targeting options, you can choose exactly what kind of customer you want to connect with, by segmenting users accordingly to their interest, key behaviors and more.


Word of mouth marketing is one of the powerful tool which helps businesses to grow and expand at a faster rate. It is really great if you can persuade people to talk about your brand or your social profile, then your customers can do most of the hard work for you. So, how do you leverage word of mouth?

It’s easy! You need to begin running Instagram contests!

Running contests is the best way to grow Instagram followers. Through contests, people like to take part and proceed with your further. You should try to partner with other business or influencer to get the more out of contests. Run 4-5 days contests offering users different prizes, vouchers for following your account plus tagging their friends in the comment part. If you allow tagging friends in the comment section then you will be able to grab more attention to your page and you will definitely increase your fan following.

You might have come across and seen different filters present on Instagram. They are just bang on and are considered to be the most powerful tools which you can use.  

As per studies, filtered posts on Instagram are 45% more likely to get comments and are 21% more likely to be noticed. You have to just make sure that you are using the right filters for your Instagram posts.

Also it has been seen that People preferred to go for normal filter while posting pictures. And The second most popular and liked Instagram filter is Clarendon for its overall cool effect with slightly warmer mid-tones.


People nowadays are mainly focused on getting to the “Explore” page or earning their Instagram verified blue tick mark. They have totally forgot about the  most essential part of the social media: being social. If you want to earn more followers for your Instagram account, you must dive in for some real genuine engagement with people.

When you are going through pictures that are related to your niche, you must like them as well as leave valuable and meaningful comments in them. The more you communicate and get indulged with people, the more likely they are going to follow your profile and appreciate your account.

One important thing that you must keep in mind is that you should never ask people to follow you in their comments. This in turn will make you appear as a desperate person. Instead, you should find people of your niche, and who have similar sort of audiences and then you must leave meticulously constructed comments on their posts to drive attention back to your Instagram profile.


Instagram is not only about the visuals. Although the pictures you post on Instagram must be of high quality and attractive, but the words you use in your captions is also important for your success. You can include hashtags (Right & the Trending ones) in your captions, increase user engagement and should feature a unique personality that attracts more number followers to your Insta page.

To get the most out of it, give the below mentioned tips a try –

  • Incorporate emojis in your captions. It grabs the users attention and make your Instagram post earn more hearts.
  • Put up the most important thing in the initial lines in your caption.
  • Asking questions to your audience is one of the best way to engage.


Hashtags – Doctor GIF from Doctor GIFs

Hashtags can do wonders. It helps to boost up your social media presence by making your content visible to anyone who is interested in your used hashtag. Also it is great way to not only gain followers but to build a brand for your business or yourself by getting involved with customers about what is trending. The more visibility you get, the more likely you are able to create a larger audience and a larger audience exponentially increases the likelihood of fresh leads for your business.

These were 07 major tips that you must definitely consider if you want to have a bulk of people following you on Instagram this year. Make sure you keep everything real. People love to look at genuine things. Also do not forget to be little creative and experimenting. Create your posts in a way that it looks different from others. Use captions and hashtags in a right way. And you have to 100% make sure you work as per Instagram set guidelines. Do not go against it.