Running display ads and paid search with Google? Advertising your products on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites relevant to your niche? Running Guerilla campaigns as you’re short of a budget? For some unknown reasons, you refused to utilize Instagram for promoting your brand. Why so? You are probably uncertain whether it may generate better ROI or not!

All things considered, I’m here to educate you that today isn’t the day to disregard Instagram! Yes, Instagram is in use from just a few years with comparatively less number of users in it than Facebook (its parent organization), still, the features offered by this platform makes it the hero of the digital marketing platform. So, if you’re yet untouched by the mind-boggling benefits of advertising on Instagram, it’s high time you get started with it at the earliest opportunity.

Instagram offers a brilliant interface wherein people can narrate discernible stories using a wide range of ad formats. Several advertisers and marketers have put to use this tactic and experienced better ROIs than any other commercial campaigns.

Today, Instagram has 1 billion active users. Have a look at the graph below and note the tremendous rise in the number of Instagram users over the recent years.

Instagram Users

For a newbie, it might be alarming to understand the procedure of advertising on Instagram at the outset. But for those who already run Facebook ad campaigns, there is not much to ascertain! Indeed, Instagram ads could be designed right from the Fb ad manager itself.

Following are some of the easy steps you can take into consideration and begin with advertising on Instagram –


Facebook Ad Manager

Once you’re logged on to your Facebook account, you can navigate here and manage your ads on Facebook. Instagram does not have any specific ad manager, you can utilize the UI of Facebook ads and administer your Instagram advertisements.


Carefully determine your merchandising goal and work with a strategy on the mind. There are certain specific goals Instagram advertisements are run with. Take a glimpse of the points listed below:

  • App installs
  • Reach
  • Traffic
  • Brand awareness
  • Video views
  • Engagement
  • Conversions

If your only objective is to enhance the app installs, you can select App Installs as your goal. If you need to direct traffic to your money site by means of Instagram ads. You can choose that goal, and likewise. Be clear in mind what function you want your ads to perform and work accordingly.


Target Audience

In the view of the fact that you have picked the goal of your Instagram ads, now the time has arrived that you know your targeted group of onlookers. By specifying your target audience, your ads would be made available to those users on Instagram who are in need of products as you offer. The statistics of Facebook are used to specify your targeted audience and that’s the best part of it. A huge populace is nowadays utilizing Facebook and this makes it a stupefying interface where data of billions are stockpiled. Using this database along with the riveting features of Instagram will help you reach a wider coverage of the audience with ease.

People could be targeted on the basis of –

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Languages
  • Demographics
  • Behaviors
  • Connections
  • Lookalike audience
  • Custom audience


You’re now ensured that your ads are put forth before the appropriate group of onlookers, one thing you need to decide on is the ad placements.

Ad Placements

The thing you need to consider here is that if you have created an ad to be published solely on Instagram, you need to tap on the “Edit Placements” option and make the desired transformations. If you skip this step, your ad would get published to both Instagram as well as Facebook platforms.

Instagram Ads


This step would not be so challenging for those who are accustomed to Google Adwords or Facebook Advertising. But, people who have just started with advertising on Instagram, deciding on the right budget for their ads can be a little daunting task. You can set a lifetime or a daily budget for an advertising campaign. You can use trial and error method and gain some experience over this. At any point of time, if you feel that your budget hasn’t adequately assigned, you own the privilege to stop the ad campaign on the spot.

Specify The Ad Schedule & Budget Of The Ad

Would it be right to set a lifetime budget? Or would it be safe to stick to the daily budgets in the beginning phase of Instagram advertising?

Well, I’d recommend you to set daily budgets for now and keep an eye on your marketing efficiency. The reason being, your budget would not be spent readily in case of daily budgets.


Followers On Instagram

There are six different ad formats available for Instagram ads.  Four of the ad formats are intended to appear on the newsfeed of Instagram, while two are intended for the Instagram stories. Advertisers usually prefer the former one as they get a better outcome with the newsfeed ads.

Following are the ad formats supported by Instagram –

  • Image Feed Ads
  • Image Story Ads
  • Video Feed Ads
  • Video Story Ads
  • Carousel Feed Ads
  • Canvas Story Ads


There are certain tasks that you need to carry out repeatedly on your Instagram account. You would take several hours to execute the tasks manually, but now Instagram automation ensures that the redundant activities are performed in a fraction of seconds. Several automation tools are available that can be utilized to increase followers on InstagramSocial Media Automated being one of the most influential ones. Other popular features of this tool are listed below-

Social Media Automated –
  • You can add or delete Instagram Accounts.
  • Targeting becomes effortless with the tool. Target locations, hashtags for followers of a particular username in no time.
  • Activities including Follow, Unfollow, Likes, Comments etc can be automated.
  • Filter media posts depending upon the engagements and interact with the ones who frequently engage via your posts.
  • If you aren’t really interested to interact with specific username, hashtag or location, you can straightaway blacklist them.


So, these were some of the simple steps you can contemplate to start advertising on Instagram. Being a marketer, I would recommend you to use a reliable automation tool so as to earn more revenue from your advertising campaign. Advertisers and marketers usually face a number of challenges while designing Instagram ads and that’s the reason why I decided to write a blog on this aspect.  Leo Burnett(an American advertising executive) stated that

“The greatest thing to be achieved in advertising, in my opinion, is believability, and nothing is more believable than the product itself.”

With this thought, I’d like to conclude my blog. Share authentic images of your products and develop the credibility of your business on the eyes of your targeted audience.